About Us

Webster Environmental Associates, Inc.

Webster Environmental Associates, Inc. (WEA) is an engineering firm that provides odor control engineering services for municipal wastewater facilities, biosolids and solid waste handling facilities and industrial facilities. Clients include engineering firms, municipalities, industries and government agencies.

WEA is an expert in odor testing and analysis, odor control alternatives development and design. We also provide odor control system performance testing, engineering services during construction, and operation and maintenance services. We are completely independent from all manufacturers and have worked hard to maintain this unbiased approach toward odor control. Clients will be connected to the most effective solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Our current staffing has nearly 100 years of odor control experience and has completed over 750 odor control projects.

We have completed over 750 odor control projects throughout the United States and have also worked in Canada, China and South Africa. WEA has designed all types of gas phase treatment systems including biofilters, bioscrubbers, biotrickling filters, carbon adsorbers, chemical scrubbers and ionization systems. We have also designed liquid phase treatment systems including calcium nitrate, iron salts, hydrogen peroxide and magnesium hydroxide.

WEA Staff

Neil A. Webster, P.E.

Founder and Chairman of the Board, Neil.Webster@odor.net

Bruce Koetter, P.E.

CEO, Bruce.Koetter@odor.net

Jim Ross, P.E.

President, Jim.Ross@odor.net

J.W. “BUZ” Rush, III, P.E.

Vice President, Buz.Rush@odor.net

Lee Blakeman, P.E.

Vice President, Lee.Blakeman@odor.net

Sharon Worley, P.E.

Senior Engineer, Sharon.Worley@odor.net

Grant Thompson

Project Engineer, Grant.Thompson@odor.net

Final Thought

The engineers at WEA have nearly a combined 100 years of odor control experience and have completed more than 750 odor control projects. Every one of those projects have been completed by the engineers who are currently on staff.