Pet Food Industry

Webster has extensive experience at Pet Food plants, having successfully completed more than one dozen odor studies, odor control evaluations and odor control system design at more than ten (10) facilities. Services provided at Pet Food processing facilities include:

  • Comprehensive odor evaluation of the facility
  • Identify and evaluate effective odor control alternatives
  • Prepare budgetary capital and operating odor control alternative cost estimates
  • Recommend odor control solutions based on data and the client’s desires/needs. Recommended solutions were made based on each facility’s unique needs, and have included:
    • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs)
    • Biofilters
    • Bioscrubbers
    • Chemical Scrubbing

Final Project Scorecard

Odor Dispersion modeling to determine impact of existing odor emitting from the facility and to determine effectiveness of recommended odor control systems
Odor Control system design of recommended odor mitigation solutions
Services during construction