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Webster Environmental Associates, Inc.

WEA is a full-service odor control engineering firm. Our focus is odor control engineering and we have made that our niche for more than 35 years. We have become experts in this field and have completed more odor studies and designs than perhaps any other firm in the United States.

Our typical project begins with an odor study which consists of air and water sampling and testing, data analysis, development of odor control alternatives, air dispersion modeling and conclusions/recommendations. The objectives of the evaluation are to identify where the odors are coming from, determine which compounds are creating the odor, prioritize the sources and develop a plan to control emissions. Installing odor control without this vital step is risky and often unwise.

After the odor study is completed and the Owner has selected their preferred course of action, WEA is often asked to design the desired improvements either as the lead designer or as a sub-consultant to the Owner’s regular engineering firm.

WEA is an expert in testing and analyzing your odor situation and then identifying the best, most cost-effective solutions. WEA is knowledgeable of all odor control technologies and their strengths and weaknesses. We stay informed of all odor control technology manufacturers, but take great care to remain independent and unbiased.

WEA also provides bidding assistance, engineering services during construction, start-up services, performance testing and permitting assistance.

Following is a list of our capabilities:

Odor Control

Liquid Sampling and Testing

Odor Control Master Planning

Air Treatment System Performance and Compliance Testing

Expert Witness on Odor Issues

Value Engineering

Construction Management

Corrosion Control

Hydrogen Sulfide Testing

Corrosion Rate Analysis

Protective Linings and Coatings

Air Permitting

Air Permitting Applications

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Air Treatment System Performance and Compliance Testing

Air Dispersion Modeling

Air Sampling

Performing the required testing and conducting a thorough evaluation is important.

WEA is knowledgeable of all odor control technologies and their strengths and weaknesses.

Liquid Sampling
Testing & Analysis
Odor Panel Analysis
Reduced Sulfur Compounds
Volatile Organic Compounds
Hydrogen Sulfide
Our Top Services

Why Choose Us?

Webster Environmental Associates, Inc. has become the world leader in odor control engineering, having completed over 750 successful odor control projects. We have created our reputation by remaining unbiased, educated on odor control technologies and providing personalized service with a unique understanding of each issue and being capable of providing creative solutions. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to solve your unique odor control problems. It all starts with a thorough odor study. Without a thorough odor study, any recommended odor control solution would be “shooting in the dark”. Our solutions are based on actual data collected during an odor study. To learn more about why you should do an Odor Study, click HERE.