Milwaukee Project

Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility (Milwaukee, WI)

Webster Environmental Associates, Inc. (WEA) was retained by the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2021 to conduct two rounds of sampling and testing at the 300MGD Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility (JIWRF). The purpose of this project was to use air dispersion modeling in conjunction with source samples and complaint locations to characterize odors, prioritize odor source reduction locations, identify mitigation strategies, and recommend a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the facility.

In total, 33 samples were taken from the liquid and biosolids processing facilities and analyzed for odor detection threshold, reduced sulfur compounds, ammonia, and H2S.

The results were analyzed and used in air dispersion modeling. The testing and modeling results were then used to develop six Business Case Evaluations (BCE). Each of these BCEs were evaluated based on:

Capital and operating costs

Climate change vulnerability


Public involvement

Operating and maintenance reliability

Final Project Scorecard

Plant wide odor assessment identified problem areas
Modeling used to show odor impact of baseline and control alternatives
Six control alternatives developed and evaluated