Defining Odor Control

Webster Environmental Associates, Inc. (WEA) is a full-service consulting engineering firm that specializes in odor control. Incorporated in 1981, WEA conducts odor evaluations to identify and prioritize odor sources, develops odor control solutions, designs the selected improvements and provides engineering services during construction and is a certified SBE in multiple cities.

We Deliver Happier and Healthier Communities

As communities grow and expand in footprint, wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities that used to be far enough away to go unnoticed now become an issue with the odors that they emit. These odors result in unhappy neighbors and negative publicity.

We help our customers be good neighbors by addressing existing odors that are plaguing the surrounding community or prevent potential odor problems from happening at new facilities.

WEA can investigate every unique odor situation and develop unbiased solutions, based on actual data collected at the source, to help our customers mitigate odors.

WEA has a long, successful track record of odor control projects, having completed over 750 odor control projects in the U.S. and internationally.

Unbiased Solutions You Can Trust

With over 750 unique odor control projects completed, WEA is an expert in identifying our customers odor control needs, developing unique and innovative alternatives and designing the best solutions to fit our customers unique situations. Odor control isn’t a “one size fits all” industry, and WEA understands that!

WEA is independent from all odor control manufacturers, remaining unbiased throughout the odor control process. We are committed to connecting our clients with the right level of odor control at the lowest possible cost, regardless of manufacturer or technology.

Staying up to date on all odor control technologies and industry innovations, our customers can trust WEA to find the solution that will fit their odor control needs.

A Partner You Can Count On

As an early pioneer and sustained leader in odor control engineering, design and project management, WEA has spent the last 40 years delivering superior odor control solutions to our customers. Odor control is what we do, every day!

WEA’s expert odor control engineers will form a partnership with you during, and after, the project so that you stay informed every step of the way. By keeping our clients informed and involved, they can make informed decisions based on our expert, data backed recommendations.

WEA’s current staff has over 100 years of combined odor control experience. That same staff has successfully completed over 750 odor control projects.

Being a small, specialized engineering firm, WEA has built its reputation on taking care of its clients and building long-lasting relationships around successful projects. WEA gives our clients the small, local business treatment, while having the expertise, resume and ability to handle large, demanding projects like a big firm.


Why Choose Us

Webster Environmental Associates, Inc. has become the world leader in odor control engineering, having completed over 750 successful odor control projects. We have created our reputation by remaining unbiased, educated on odor control technologies and providing personalized service with a unique understanding of each issue and being capable of providing creative solutions. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to solve your unique odor control problems. It all starts with a thorough odor study. Without a thorough odor study, any recommended odor control solution would be “shooting in the dark”. Our solutions are based on actual data collected during an odor study. To learn more about why you should do an Odor Study, click HERE.