Conway Corporation

Conway Corporation

WEA performed a plant wide odor study at Conway Corporation’s 16 MGD Plant. The study was performed to identify and rank all sources at the facility and to evaluate the performance of the existing odor control systems. The study included two rounds of testing. The first round of testing was conducted during relatively cool, wet weather and the second round of testing was conducted during warm conditions. The results from each round of testing were dramatically different and had a significant impact on final recommendations. Total odor emissions during the 2nd round were nearly 10 times higher than during the 1st round.

The study results showed the primary clarifiers were the highest untreated source of odors.

Air dispersion modeling was performed and it showed that odors from the plant could be detected more than 2 miles away during up to 300 hours per year. Modeling of several proposed odor control scenarios showed which scenario provided the most bang for the buck.

WEA was subsequently hired to design the recommended odor control improvements, which included a new bioscrubber (shown above) and carbon adsorber in addition to improvements to the existing odor control systems (Primary Clarifer Covers shown above). The design and construction was completed ahead of schedule.

Final Project Scorecard

Determined Primary Clarifiers are responsible for about 90% of total odor emissions from the site
Identified deficiencies in design and operation of existing odor control systems.
Utilized Odor Dispersion Modeling to evaluate multiple odor control alternatives
Designed $3.2 million of odor control improvements.
Completed project on time and on budget.