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Our Projects

WEA offers clients a wide range of technical and engineering support services, having completing over 500 successful projects spanning 3 continents.

If you’d like to request a complete project list, inquire about any of our projects or specialty areas, or request a client reference list, please contact us.

WEA Project Locations

  • Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District- West County WWTP Odor Control Master Plan (Louisville, KY)
    Odor control master plan and subsequent design for the West County WWTP, including odor testing and air dispersion modeling. Facilitated meetings with the public and the Air Pollution Control Board.
  • City of Dayton- WWTP Odor Control Improvements Project (Dayton, OH)
    Odor control system design for the headworks and primary clarifiers at the Dayton WWTP and Broadway pump station.
  • Gainesville Regional Utilities- Lift Station 21 Collection System Odor Evaluation (Gainesville, FL)
    Odor evaluation of the Lift Station 21 collection system including odor sampling and testing, hydrogen sulfide testing, wastewater testing, and sewer exhaust testing.
  • Veolia Water- Richmond WWTP and Collection System Odor Reduction Evaluation (Richmond, CA)
    Odor evaluation of the Ricmond WWTP and associated collection system including odor sampling and testing, hydrogen sulfide testing, wastewater testing, and sewer exhaust testing.
  • Aiken and Associates- Atlantis Paradise Island WTP Odor Control Evaluation (Nassau, Bahamas)
    Performance evaluation of the existing odor control system associated with the onsite water treatment plant.
  • City of Orlando- Conserv II WPCF (Orlando, FL)
    Odor control master plan and subsequent design for the Conserv II WWTP.
  • Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District- Morris Forman WWTP Solids Handling Odor Control (Louisville, KY)
    Extensive performance testing of two (2)-20,000 cfm scrubbers and optimization study.
  • McGoodwin, Williams & Yates- West Side WWTP Odor Control System Design (Fayetteville, AR)
    Odor control system design for the West Side WWTP.
  • Sabak, Wilson & Lingo Inc.- Old Henry Pump Station & Force Main Odor Control (Louisville, KY)
    Odor control design assistance and review for a new pump station and force main.
  • Arcadis – Reese, Macon & Assoc.- Glades WWTF (Port St. Lucie, FL)
    Odor dispersion modeling for WWTP in design phase.
  • Whitman, Requardt and Assoc.- Fredericksburg WWTP Odor Evaluation (Fredericksburg, VA)
    Odor assessment and H2S testing for the Fredericksburg WWTP.
  • CH2M Hill- Grand Chute WWTP Odor Assessment (Menasha, WI)
    Odor assessment and H2S testing for the Grand Chute WWTP.
  • Allied Waste- Village of Mamaroneck Waste Transfer Station Odor Control Design Proposal (Village of Mamaroneck, NY)
    Odor and VOC testing, odor modeling, community odor surveys, odor control recommendations.
  • Whitman, Requardt and Assoc.- WWTP Odor Evaluation (Town of Ocean City, MD)
    WWTP and Waste Tranfer Station odor testing, H2S testing, odor modeling and evaluation of alternatives.
  • Carollo Engineers- Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District WWTP Odor Sampling (Vallejo, CA)
    Testing reduced sulfur compounds and VOCs in secondary process.
  • GRW Engineers- West County WWTP Biofilter (Louisville, KY)
    Selected custom built biofilter with new synthetic media.
  • Whitman Requardt and Assoc.- Eastern Avenue Pump Station (Baltimore, MD)
    Odor testing, H2S testing and odor modeling
  • CH2M Hill- Mill Creek WWTP (Cincinnati, OH)
    Detailed testing and evaluation of packed bed scrubber under different operating conditions, measure CO2 H2S, pH and ORP
  • Colorado Springs Utility District- Odor Control Performance Testing (Colorado Springs, CO)
    Performance testing for reduced sulfur compounds from odor control units
  • Whitman, Requardt and Assoc.- Massaponax WWTP Odor Control Performance Testing (Fredericksburg, VA)
    Performance testing of carbon adsorber for H2S removal
  • Boyle Engineers- Iron Bridge WPCF (Orlando, FL)
    Evaluated alternatives to treat air from new flow equalization basins
  • Downington Area Regional Authority- Downington Regional WPCC Odor Evaluation (Downington, PA)
    Odor testing to determine odor emission rates and odor modeling and prepare a report of findings
  • Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District- Jeffersontown WWTP Master Plan (Louisville, KY)
    Master Plan study for the plant, including odor testing, odor modeling and public meetings
  • Hilton Head #1 Public Service District- Hilton Head Collection System Corrosion Study (Hilton Head, SC)
    Extensive study of collection system and pump stations to identify highest sources of H2S due to severe corrosion problems
  • Orange County Sanitary District- Dumpster Building Odor Control Evaluation (Orange County, CA)
    Set up and performed demonstration project of oxygen ionization at the Grit Dumpster Building in turnkey project
  • US Filter Operating Services- Moore WWTP Odor Evaluation (Moore, OK)
    Reduced sulfur compound testing from sludge holding tank because of many odor complaints. Evaluated alternative treatments.
  • City of Columus- Collection System Odor Evaluation (Columbus, OH)
    Identification of source of sewer odors by testing H2S and sewer pressures. Set up large fans to exhaust sewer air and measure pressures.
  • Unified Environmental Services- Unity Facility Odor Evaluation (Helena, AR)
    Sludge from New York City hauled to this facility to produce an ammonium sulfate fertilizer. Performed odor, VOC and RSC testing.
  • McGoodwin, Williams & Yates- WWTP Odor Evaluation (Broken Arrow, OK)
    Odor study, community odor survey, recommended odor control alternatives.
  • Sewer Authority Mid Coast Side- Half Moon Bay WWTP Odor Evaluation (Half Moon Bay, CA)
    Evaluation of odor sources due to complaints and assessment of current technologies. Proactive approach for future considerations.
  • Whitman Requardt and Associates- Rte. 108 Pump Station Odor Evaluation (Howard County, MD)
    Evaluation of hydrogen sulfide generation and emissions in historical town and pilot testing project with Bioxide and oxygen injection.
  • Brown and Caldwell- Conserv II WPCF Odor Control Evaluation (Orlando, FL)
    Evaluation of alternatives to treat air from new pump station and equalization basins.
  • Lexington Fayette Urban County Government- Town Branch and West Hickman Creek WWTP Odor Study (Lexington, Kentucky)
    Compete studies at each plant to identify major odor sources and to evaluate alternatives for treatment.
  • Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District- Odor Consulting Services (Louisville, KY)
    Odor consultant to large sewer district.
  • City of Orlando- Odor Consulting Services (Orlando, FL)
    Odor consultant to large sewer district.


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