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FEATURED PROJECT: City of Dayton Odor Control Improvement Project

WEA designed odor control improvements for the headworks and primary clarifiers at the 72 MGD Dayton WWTP and the Broadway PS, the main PS feeding the plant.  H2S concentrations at the headworks had been measured as high at 300 ppm without upstream chemical addition.  WEA designed a 54,000 cfm biofilter for the treatment plant and an 8,500 cfm biofilter for the Broadway PS.  The WWTP biofilter replaced an existing 25,000 cfm chemical scrubber that was providing inadequate treatment and costing the City about $400,000/year in chemical costs.

Biofilter design also allowed for reduction of upstream hydrogen peroxide addition (previously required to minimizing H2S at the plant) resulting in a potential savings of $300,000/yr.  The project design separated the improvements into two phases as a potential cost savings measure.  Phase 1 included the Broadway PS improvements and covers for the grit basins and primary influent channels while Phase 2 included covers for the quiescent surfaces of the primary clarifiers.  The construction cost for Phase 1 was $2.5 million and Phase 2 was estimated at $5.6 million.

Final Project Scorecard

  • Odor sampling, testing and analysis identifies odor problem areas.
  • Pilot testing and evaluation of chemical injection alternatives
  • Odor and H2S levels were effectively mitigated during the pilot testing
  • GRU is implementing all recommended odor mitigation systems

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