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FEATURED PROJECT: West County WWTP Odor Control Master Plan & Design

Webster Environmental Associates, Inc. (WEA) was responsible for the development of a complete Odor Control Master Plan at the 22 MGD West County WWTP as well as the subsequent design of the odor control improvements while working in conjunction with CH2M Hill and Khafra Engineers.  The $2.4 million odor control project consisted of the following:

  1. Design of a 14,000 cfm carbon adsorber to treat air exhausted from an existing screen building.  The existing ventilation system was modified, upgraded and utilized to its fullest extent to reduce project costs.
  2. Air from the existing grit facilities at the plant was collected and treated using activated sludge diffusion.  The grit chambers and influent/effluent channels were covered with aluminum formed panel covers and 3,750 cfm of air is pulled from the headspace.  The air is passed through a high-efficiency air filter to remove water and particulates before entering an existing air plenum that feeds the existing aeration blowers.  The foul air from the grit facilities is mixed with clean dilution air and then discharged through fine bubble diffusers into the aeration basins where the odors are removed through oxidation and biological processes.
  3. A 5,900 cfm modular biofilter with synthetic media was designed to treat air drawn from the aeration basin influent channel.  The biofilter media is completely enclosed in a stainless steel vessel and the media has a guaranteed life of 10 years.

WEA performed all of the mechanical, process and instrumentation design for the project, Khafra was responsible for civil, structural and electrical design and CH2M was the program manager for design.

WEA provided engineering services during construction of the project including shop drawing review, site inspections, RFI responses and start-up and training services.

Final Project Scorecard

  • Odor Control Master Plan successfully completed and implemented
  • Odor Control Design for entire facility
  • Community Involvement and Buy In successfully facilitated
  • Performance Testing of odor control system demonstrated successful design

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